Collegium Johanneum - Die Loburg

The „Loburg“ – Educating Boys and Girls from Diverse Countries at a German Boarding-school

The Loburg, with a moated castle as its vital centre, is a complex of various buildings designed for teaching as well as boarding students. Founded in 1948 as an independent school managed by the diocese of Muenster, the Loburg, situated on the edge of the town of Ostbevern, has steadily pursued an educational ideal which firmly rests on the belief that Christian values should lay the groundwork for the upbringing of young people. The Collegium Johanneum, both high school and college, is a government-recognised institution that offers a bilingual course of study (English and German instruction in selected subjects), fulltime care for those parents who want it, and numerous international partnerships. The Loburg believes in the ideal of a holistic education. It is conceived of as an indispensable element in a curriculum that orientates itself towards the achievement of the highest standards. Our boys and girls form an international community based on self-reliance and independence, solidarity and commitment as well as tolerance and acceptance. To achieve that aim teachers, educators and parents work closely together in an atmosphere of mutual trust.

The Loburg counts among its students boys and girls from 15 different countries. Most of our students from abroad intend to sit their final examinations in order to get the qualifications necessary for studying at colleges, universities or polytechnics. Many of them have already done so and now pursue various courses of study at German universities.

Those students from abroad who have no or only little German may take part in a full-year course of German as a foreign language. This course, based on a syllabus of 30 hours of German per week, is designed to achieve a linguistic level which will later qualify the participant to successfully attend classes and courses at a German school.

What does the Loburg have to offer?

- a high intellectual level

- a holistic concept of education

- individualized special tuition

- preparation for a successful working life

- professional counselling on how to lead a meaningful life

- the creation of a sense of social responsibility

- a programme that is grounded in the willingness of teachers and educators to serve the interests of students and parents alike

- an international community of like-minded people

- grounds that are extensive and buildings that are well-equipped with all the facilities one has come to expect

- a high level of identification on the part of parents, teachers and students with the educational ideals that govern both day-school and boarding-school

- an abundance of leisure time activities covering both sports and culture

- the chance to learn how to play an instrument or to work creatively in the fine arts or the theatre

- a choice of advanced courses in German, English, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, chemistry, History, Social Sciences and Economics, and, possibly, in Latin, French, and Religious Education

What is specific about the Loburg?

- it is Catholic and socially-committed

- it is value-orientated and efficient

- it is international and liberal-minded

- it provides a familial atmosphere and believes in everyone’s readiness to become actively involved

We are looking forward to accepting motivated and committed students form diverse countries and cultures at our school. We extend a hearty welcome to anyone who would like to receive his or her education at our institution.