CCI The Renaissance School


CCI The Renaissance School, Canada’s only high school in Italy has become a unique source of highest-quality English-language education, preparing students for university entrance in the U.S.A., U.K., Canada and Europe.

The School, semestered and co-educational, delivers an academically rigorous curriculum in a structured environment in which all students live in residence. This learning and living at CCI unfolds in Italy, home of the Renaissance and the starting point of today’s knowledge-based civilization. Students directly experience antiquity, the middle ages, the Renaissance and modern Europe, both formally, through regular organized trips with the School, and informally, through daily life in a modern town sensitively aware and conserving of its more than 3,000 year history. Classroom and book learning, upon which the School places the highest value, is dramatically enhanced when students are learning in the very places where the events being studied happened. Through the many supervised regular trips which signify the importance of travel as a formal part of CCI education, students walk in the same streets, fields, and buildings as the pre-Etruscans; Pompeiians and Romans; emperors and popes; Raphael and Michelangelo.

The School’s own town of Lanciano is an ancient-yet-modern, safe, well-serviced small city of 40,000 in eastern Abruzzo, beautifully situated between the ocean and the Apennine Mountains and provides a safe friendly, and charming environment for students to live and learn. About 15 minutes’ drive to the sand or stone beaches of the Adriatic Sea and less than three hours by bus trip from Rome, it has excellent train and bus service to all of Italy and Europe.

Students follow a challenging university-preparation academic curriculum, including Mathematics, Computers, Classical Civilization, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Social Science, English, Art and Drama. All courses are taught in English, except for International languages. The School offers high school grades 10 through graduation, and students may enroll for a single semester or for up to three academic years. Courses conform to the accreditation guidelines of the Ontario Ministry of Education and credits may be applied toward a high school diploma at institutions throughout North America and abroad. The School also offers summer academic credits on campus during the month of July. CCI is inspected by the Province of Ontario, Canada, whose requirements parallel or exceed most other North American jurisdictions, and is a member of ECIS, the European Council of International Schools.