Most schools offer three main types of insurance cover for parents and children.

Personal Accident insurance

Personal Accident insurance provides compensation in the event of a permanent disability or death. Any injury which does not result in a permanent disability or death is not covered. The child is covered for the duration of the school term including the uninterrupted journey to the school prior to the commencement of term plus the following holiday period. Compensation will be paid in the event of a minor injury such as the loss of a tooth to the more serious such as the loss of a limb to the ultimate, death. The school can supply full details of the insurance policy. Parents may also choose to provide private health and/or dental cover for their child.

Personal Effects insurance
Personal Effects insurance covers loss of or damage to a child's personal property over the period of the official school term which includes uninterrupted journeys to and from the school at the beginning and end of each term. Certain items such as contact lenses and items of jewellry (other than watches) not covered. Parents should inquire about extra cover for expensive items such as computers and stereo equipment.

School Fees insurance
School Fees insurance - if a child is absent from school due to illness, injury or any other cause, the school will not refund fees for the period missed. The school fees insurance scheme provides for a refund of fees in the case of absence due to illness or accident. Payment will not be made until after a minimum period of absence (from 4 - 8 days depending on the scheme). The premium per term ranges from 0.5% to 2.5% of school fees and parents should make it clear if they wish to take out this insurance.