Democratic schools in the US

The Sudbury Valley School was founded in 1968 in Framingham, Massachusetts, USA

There are now about 30 schools based on this model in the United States, Canada, Denmark, Israel and Australia.

The 200 students ranging from age 4 to 19 are free to choose how to spend their time and how to learn. The school board does not divide students into class or age groups and children are not assessed.

Every week there is a school meeting lead by the Sudbury Valley School where employees and students can vote on decisions affecting the school community.

The school meeting decides who is to be hired or fired in the next year, passes all the school rules and sets up administrative entities to keep things running smoothly.

There is a school assembly that takes place once a year. All parents, students, staff members and elected members have a vote in the school assembly. Among the assembly's responsibilities are setting basic policies, approving the budget and deciding which school degrees are to be awarded.

Further information can be obtained here: Sudbury Valley School.