Check list

Sphere of Education

  • What qualifications does the boarding school offer?
  • Is it possible to reintegrate into the previous school system after studying at a boarding school (at home and abroad)? Are the boarding school qualifications completely accredited?
  • Do mentors take good care of newcomers?
  • What are the pedagogical concepts upon which the lessons are based?
  • Does the boarding school have intensive courses?
  • Does the institution offer foreign languages? Do they have a bilingual system?
  • How are the studies organised?
  • Is homework done under a tutor's supervision, with other pupils or alone in one’s room?
  • Can the teacher or educator be reached at any time?
  • How is everyday life organized?
  • Is the child/teenager motivated to learn independently?
  • Are mentors and educators involved in staff meetings?
  • What is the class size? How many pupil is each mentor responsible for?
  • What is the ratio of boarders to day pupils?
  • Are there any weekend lessons?

Recreational facilities

  • What kind of recreational activities are offered?
  • Do these recreational activities incur an additional cost?
  • Is it possible to include arts and crafts, musical and social activities in leisure time?
  • What are the consequences of breaking the rules?
  • How is the weekend schedule organised?

General questions

  • What steps are taken to motivate a sense of responsibility in the pupils?
  • How does the institution handle drug problems?
  • Are psychologists available to help pupils in times of crisis?
  • What is a typical menu? Do the dietary options cater for diabetic and vegetarian pupils, for example?
  • How are pupils accommodated? Are they segregated by gender?

Questions for the child

  • Can you imagine living away from home at a boarding school?
  • Can you imagine seeing your current friends and relatives infrequently?
  • Are you scared or worried about the idea of going to a boarding school?
  • Would you like to have regular contact with family and siblings during your stay?
  • Can we do anything to make you feel more comfortable at boarding school from the very beginning?